01 Feb 2014

Maria João & Mario Laginha at Sibiu Jazz Festival 2011


Tags: Maria Joao, Sibiu Jazz Festival, 2011


30 Jan 2014

Soprano Iulia Merca and prima ballerina Mayura Misawa at the Cluj Opera, 2013.

Both, Iulia and Mayura are performing in the role of Carmen, Iulia as soprano, Mayura as prima ballerina.

Tags: Iulia Merca, Mayura Misawa, Carmen, Opera, ballet


29 Jan 2014

Feleki Istvan at Harsco Romania, in Capusu Mare by Cluj Napoca, arranging the photography series "Ante Mare, Undae" for a new and long term exhibition. The vernissage date will be announced later.

Feleki is photography teacher at UBB Cluj and very much apreciated as photographer worldwide. His work is in private and public collections in countries as France, Romania, Hungary, Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, Poland, Finnland, Canada and USA.

Tags: Feleki Istvan, Ante Mare Undae, photography, Harsco, vernissage, exhibition


28 Jan 2014

Does it look as a sleigh ride through the snow? No, it's not. In the evening when people are sitting around the house, the thieves are cutting piece by piece the forests at the edge of Cluj

Tags: Hoti de lemne, padurea Hoia, 2014


27 Jan 2014

Andreea Jura is performing Clara in Nutcracker, here is she at the rehearsal on 27.01.2014 at the Cluj Opera.

Tags: Andreea Jura, Opera Nationala Romana Cluj, Nutcracker