26 Jan 2014

The invasion.

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25 Jan 2014

Denes Ibolya (Viorica) was born on 3.7.1923 and lives in Cluj. She was a chemist scientist. Now, she suffers of Alzheimer but has many lucid moments during the day. It was 6 pm when I brought Viorica the magazine. She had a brief look inside and said: Well, I will read it later in the night, when I am alone, you know, I need some silence to enjoy this. Viorica is speaking Romanian, Hungarian, German, English and Russian. She did her Ph.D. in Sankt Petersburg, 60 years ago. I went somehow on her footsteps to discover SP and I was really amazed. The most I liked was the Jazz Philharmonic, they have concerts every evening.

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25 Jan 2014

New houses are getting shape on the hill

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23 Jan 2014

Andreea Cioran and Constantin Nimigean launched Love Issue #8 on 30.04.2013

They are living now in Berlin and are promoting many photographers through "Love Issue" photomagazine and "Oitzarisme"

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23 Jan 2014

From left to the right, Dan Oradan, Annamaria Boanca and Dan Haja, during the rehearsal for the ballet Carmen, 23.01.2014.

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